Vendor marketing loans

Secure your best chance to secure the best possible price

Vendor marketing loans

It’s well known that securing the best possible price for your property necessitates professional marketing to a wide range of potential buyers.

For sellers, that usually means up-front costs to present their property in its best possible light across a wide range of media to reach those potential buyers. This might mean everything from photography, website and online listings, signage, press ads and printed material through to PR.

At Capita, we can help you with those up-front marketing costs. Our Vendor Marketing Loans are tailor-made to individual sellers’ timeframes at competitive interest rates.

In most cases, on-line approvals are almost instant. Funds are usually available within 24 hours thereafter. Our Capita Vendor Loans are unsecured and as long as there is no default, they do not affect a seller’s current credit rating. They can also be paid in full once the property is sold without early pay out penalties.

Want to take advantage of our Capita Marketing Vendor Loans? Simply talk to our Capital Finance Professional who will not only tailor your loan to your individual needs but will also personally guide you through the quick and easy loan set-up steps.