Finding the most suitable super fund will help you lead a comfortable and happy life. It’s an investment in your future self and of course, your peace of mind.

But, with so many superannuation funds to choose from, how do you hone in on one that matches your goals and saves you more?

First, you need to sift through the options and pinpoint one that offers low fees, investment options and that matches the risk level, performance and benefits you’re after.

We do this legwork for you.

Finding the most suitable superannuation fund 

A whole lot of research goes into recommending a superannuation fund to our clients, and it all starts with you.

That’s because our super solutions are tailored to your personal goals. 

We want to know whether you’re comfortable with low or high risk investments, where you see yourself in the future and what kind of lifestyle you want in your retirement years.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that, but ultimately, we take the time to understand your objectives, then use this information to find the most suitable superannuation fund for you.

It’s not all about benefits though. We also look at hidden fees and other costs associated with your super, so you pay less and earn more.

Can I change my super?

Changing your superannuation is a fairly simple process, which we can handle on your behalf. Of course, we want to make sure your new superannuation fund is going to serve you better than the one before, so we’ll go through our research process to ensure you’re looked after.

Many Australians even have multiple super funds, which can be rolled into one streamlined account. This is also a relatively simple process, and will help you save more on ongoing fees.

We’re happy to assist you with securing superannuation that works for you, whether you’re changing it up, rolling multiple accounts together or reassessing your existing fund.

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Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations provided are not intended to be relied upon as personal advice as they do not take into account your personal circumstances.  You need to assess your own position or call us for professional advice.

* The information on this page was sourced from Money Smart.