Refinance your current loan

Refinance your current loan

Refinancing to a cheaper interest rate and more competitive terms is a good way to minimise repayments on your home loan. This is why we recommend having your existing home loan reviewed every 6 to 12 months, to see if greater savings can be made.

What does it cost?

Generally, refinancing a home loan does not cost you anything, as the new lender you choose pays us a commission for our service directly.

We also handle the necessary paperwork, including closing the loan with your original lender, and opening a new one with the more competitive alternative.

Do I need to refinance?

Interest rates have been at record lows in Australia for many months now, which makes it a good time to consider refinancing.

Of course, not every lender passes on interest rate cuts. This is why it pays to have a mortgage broker compare the hundreds of different loan products on the market. If a cheaper loan with more attractive terms exists, they will find it for you.

We are often able to find a more attractive home loan for our clients to refinance to. But if we don’t, there is no fee for our home loan review service. It also means you have peace of mind, knowing you are still getting a competitive deal on your mortgage.

How does refinancing work?

  • We compare hundreds of different competing loans. If a cheaper option with better terms is available, we recommend it to you.
  • If you are happy with the home loan product recommended to you, we organise to close your existing loan and reopen the new one.
  • Our brokers handle all the necessary paperwork.
  • You continue paying off your home loan, at the new repayment amount, in line with the new terms of your home loan contract.

How do I get started?

It does not matter whether you have used our services before. Just contact our office and ask us to review your home loan. We will then arrange to come to your home or your office at a time that suits you.

For more information on refinancing and what’s happening with interest rates, head here.