Home loans

Home loans

We make it easy for you to find a home loan that is right for you, so you can stay focused on finding your perfect home.

Our finance professionals take the time to understand your property goals. Then, we use this information to tailor and research a loan that matches your lifestyle, your ambitions and your budget.

As a result, you have peace of mind, knowing the loan you end up with is truly right for you.

The whole process is easy, as we handle the necessary paperwork and use our database to compare a diverse range of home loans from many different lenders.

Plus, our home loan service is free of charge, as the lender you choose pays us a commission when the loan is settled.

Know you’ve found the right loan

Most people do research when they buy a computer, a car or even something as small as a toaster. So it makes sense to research something as substantial as a home loan.

This is exactly what we do for you.

Unlike the banks, we’re not told to push a specific home loan product. We only want to find you a competitive home loan, which suits your needs, so you visit us again for the next one.

We do the research, so you can feel comfortable knowing the loan you have chosen most suits your needs.

Finding you the right home loan

  • We compare home loans from big banks and small lenders too. Often smaller lenders have more competitive rates and terms than larger ones. We look at loans from a multitude of lenders, so you get more competitive options.
  • More than 30 trusted lenders are on our books. This is more than most major mortgage broking companies in Australia, which means you get even more competitive home loan solutions.
  • Your property ambitions are heard. We listen to what you want to achieve, and take this into account when sourcing competitive loan products for you. This means the loan you end up with works for you and your property goals.
  • The terms are considered too. A cheaper rate doesn’t always end up being the most competitive over the long term. We make sure the terms of the loan work to your advantage, so every angle is taken care of.
  • Our home loan service is free. Because the lender you end up choosing pays us a commission when the loan is settled. That means you get the benefit of our professional service, without any cost.

Investment and business loans too

We don’t just help people find the perfect home loan. We also make it easy for you to find an investment loan, a business loan or any other kind of property loan. Just ask us and we’ll connect you with a finance professional who specialises in the area you’d like assistance with.

Contact us

To get started, please contact a finance professional near you. We can come to your home or your office, and talk to you about what is required to secure a home loan for your next property.