Equipment finance

Equipment finance

Many business owners require equipment finance to grow their operation, replace outdated machinery or even start a new venture from the ground up.

We make sure you stay focused on the stuff that matters, while we research and tailor a finance solution that matches your business goals, circumstances and budget.

That way you know the loan you have chosen is right for you.

Finding you the right equipment finance

  • Our finance professionals compare many different loans, then recommend tailored options that are right for you.
  • The lenders we look at are in direct competition, which means we can find the most competitive option for you.
  • We are not aligned with a specific lender or bank, which usually only has one or a few loan options available.
  • The necessary paperwork is taken care of, so you save more time.
  • We take the time to ask you about your finance goals, which means your loan is tailored to your needs and saves your more in the long term.

Why use equipment finance

Many business owners understand the difficulty that comes with growing a business while ensuring you have the funds to pay employees, invoices and other overheads associated with day-to-day operations.

Equipment finance offers business owners a ‘stop-gap’ when poor cash flow prevents these purchases from being possible.

For example, a trucking company that secures a large contract may need more trucks to complete the contract. This new job would enable the company to grow further, but it cannot happen without initial funding. Equipment finance would enable the business grow in a sustainable way.

Another example is a builder, who knows they need new tools, but cannot afford to pay for them outright. If the builder knows they have the capacity to pay the equipment off over a period of time, they will reduce downtime due to faulty equipment and maintain cash flow.

Do I need equipment finance?

Equipment finance is typically secured by people who need working capital for their business. Of course, this can take many forms. Some of the more popular kinds include:

  • Machinery for a factory or any other kind of commercial operation.
  • Specialist equipment for hospitals and other niche sectors.
  • Tools and equipment for trades.
  • Construction equipment for mine sites and building companies.
  • Technology, including computers, printers and phones.
  • Upgrading existing equipment for new models.

If you need equipment finance for your business, please contact a Capita finance professional.