Steve Greenwood

Steve Greenwood

Steve is an experienced and supportive mortgage broker backed by over 14 years of experience. 

He is passionate about assisting clients achieve their life ever-changing lifetime dreams.

Steven believes communication is truly key in supporting his clients, especially the First Home Buyers, who are yet to have experienced the process.

With experience across all spectrums of finance, he can assist clients from all walks of life. Whether it be a first home buyer, a savvy investor, or a commercial client looking for business finance, Steve is ready to help. 

In his own words: 

"Providing clients with accurate and informative product knowledge, plus being able to give clients the real choice of where their Home Loans, Investment Loans, and related finance is provided from. The client always comes first with choice."  

Steve is an avid member of the Fremantle Dockers banner team, and you will find him on match day out there making and holding the banners. 

Contact Stephen for an obligation-free discussion at your home, or your office.


Steve's Blog

From Kiwi Banker to Aussie Broker
From Kiwi Banker to Aussie Broker
19 Aug 2014

Our General Manager Gill McLean hails from the land of the long white cloud.

She was also a banker for 16 years in New Zealand and worked in the brokerage division of a bank for 10 years in Australia.

How do I find a good mortgage broker in Australia?
How do I find a good mortgage broker in Australia?
24 Jul 2015

A good broker compares loans from banks and non-bank lenders, then offers up loan options that not only save you more, but also align with your personal and financial goals.

But how do you know if your mortgage broker is going to do the job?

Why we welcome ASIC mystery borrowers
Why we welcome ASIC mystery borrowers
29 Jan 2018

Remember when fast food chains had ‘undercover customers’ checking in on the quality of service at your local KFC? Well, that’s now the case for mortgage brokers in Australia.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is set to release hundreds of undercover clients on brokers around the country.