Sarah Craft

Sarah Craft

Sarah believes a good mortgage broker doesn’t stop working once your loan is settled, because she knows her clients can save thousands over the life of their loan, by simply checking to see if other, more suitable loan products, are available.

“I enjoy helping my clients, whether it’s explaining the home loan process to a first home buyer, saving an existing home owner money by refinancing their loan, or working out options for an investor with multiple properties,” she said.

Whether you’re buying for the first time, and want confidence and support from someone with over a decade of experience, or want a broker who can pinpoint the right loan for your next investment property, Sarah is here for you.

Sarah researches and tailors a loan that matches your goals, so you not only save more, but also end up with a loan that fits you and your life, just right.

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"Thanks again for helping me secure cheap finance for my vehicle."

Tom - Ocean Reef

"Appreciate your efforts helping me secure a home loan minus all the stress."

Varun - Bayswater

"Getting a loan with great terms, to take my business to the next level of growth, was way easier than I expected."

Graham - Victoria Park

"Getting the business off the ground couldn’t have happened without you."

Rob - Kalamunda

Sarah's Blog

Why smaller banks could save you more
Why smaller banks could save you more
24 Feb 2017

New data from the Australian Finance Group (AFG) shows more borrowers in Australia are refinancing their mortgage through small and mid-size lenders.

This shift indicates people are more inclined to step away from major lenders, including the big 4 banks, preferring more niche lending institutions.

Why we welcome ASIC mystery borrowers
Why we welcome ASIC mystery borrowers
29 Jan 2018

Remember when fast food chains had ‘undercover customers’ checking in on the quality of service at your local KFC? Well, that’s now the case for mortgage brokers in Australia.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is set to release hundreds of undercover clients on brokers around the country.

How to borrow more on my mortgage
How to borrow more on my mortgage
29 Apr 2016

There are plenty of resources available, which explain how to secure a competitive home loan. But what if you already have a mortgage, and simply want to increase your limit further?

This blog explains how to go about topping up your mortgage, and the benefits of doing so.