Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Paul compares hundreds of different loans, and then pinpoints a product that is right for you.

How? By making sure he understands your finance goals and circumstances, then researching and tailoring a solution that matches them.

“The best part of my job is helping my clients find the right loan, and helping them achieve their goals – whether it’s their first home or their dream home,” Paul told us.

Paul also considers the finer points of your loan, like hidden fees and costs, just to make sure you’re saving as much as possible.

As a result, you can rest assured that the loan you end up with is custom fit to you. (And we think that kind of peace of mind is the best.)

When Paul isn’t broking, he loves playing golf, watching AFL and hitting up the amazing beaches all around Perth.

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"We are so excited about moving into our first place! Can’t believe how easy it all was."

Janelle - Queens Park

"The contract went amazingly well, thanks for getting the finance to fund the new equipment we needed."

Tim - Osborne Park

"Even though the bank knocked us back, you found us a mortgage we could afford. Relieved we found you."

Ashley and Harrison - Midland

"Love my little apartment and so relieved I had you looking after my first (ever) home loan."

Theresa - Como

Paul's Blog

The hidden costs of buying a property
The hidden costs of buying a property
23 Mar 2018

The number on the advert isn’t the only cost you’ll be paying when you purchase a home. Knowing what to expect is the first step to working out if these additional costs are within your budget.

A good mortgage broker should make you aware of all the costs involved with buying a home. Which is why we’re taking time out to share some of the most common hidden costs of buying a house.

Lender refuses loan due to power lines?
Lender refuses loan due to power lines?
16 Apr 2015

Picture this. You’ve found the right block, taken advantage of a first-time builders grant and pre-approval for your land and construction loan is good to go. All is right in the world. The birds are singing; the power lines are humming; the phone is ringing. It’s your lender.

We are sorry to say that because your block is close to a high voltage transmission line (read: power line), we are unable to approve your loan.

66% of Australians unaware of changes to credit score requirements
66% of Australians unaware of changes to credit score requirements
18 Mar 2017

Credit rating bureau Experian has warned Australians that new credit card reporting requirements will allow lenders to view a greater volume of information relating to a borrower’s financial history.

In short, if you’re going for a loan, a potential lender can check out your background in more depth than ever before. And most Australians don’t even know these changes are on the horizon.