Craig Wilschefski

Craig Wilschefski

Craig co-authored the international best-selling book, Bricks and Mortar, a step by step guide for first home buyers who want to save money while building their dream home.

Today, Craig shares his knowledge with borrowers in WA, who want tangible finance solutions that save them thousands over the course of their loan.

He does this by researching and tailoring a loan that not only matches your goals, but also your budget, circumstances and lifestyle.

This big picture approach requires an indepth understanding of all facets of the loan process, whether you’re looking to build, buy, invest or grow your business.

Before Capita, Craig built his own successful broking business, which was purchased by one of the largest broking firms in WA.

He’s been in finance since the age of 18, and has a genuine passion for helping people achieve their dream of home ownership.

Beyond broking, Craig loves spending time with his young family and enjoys a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Talk to Craig about your finance goals today.


Craig's Blog

What happens if I default on a home loan?
What happens if I default on a home loan?
23 Jun 2016

Many people, at some point in their lives, find it hard to repay their home loan. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make your own life easier during these difficult times.

Here is information that will help you understand what to do if you think you are going to default on your home loan.

First Move For First Home Buyers
First Move For First Home Buyers
06 Dec 2019

AFL draft week may have come and gone, but there has been an arguably, even bigger pick made. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) was recently announced, and since then, we have seen a trickle of information around it come through to the market. It has now been announced that NAB bank has been named as the first of the two major lenders that will sit on the panel of the scheme.  

Why fudging your mortgage application is a bad idea
Why fudging your mortgage application is a bad idea
21 Apr 2017

We’re not even going to bother with an intro sentence on this one.

The answer? Never, ever. Fudging figures or other information on a mortgage application is a mistake that costs a person more than they may initially realise.