Craig Wilschefski

Craig Wilschefski

Craig co-authored the international best-selling book, Bricks and Mortar, a step by step guide for first home buyers who want to save money while building their dream home.

Today, Craig shares his knowledge with borrowers in WA, who want tangible finance solutions that save them thousands over the course of their loan.

He does this by researching and tailoring a loan that not only matches your goals, but also your budget, circumstances and lifestyle.

This big picture approach requires an indepth understanding of all facets of the loan process, whether you’re looking to build, buy, invest or grow your business.

Before Capita, Craig built his own successful broking business, which was purchased by one of the largest broking firms in WA.

He’s been in finance since the age of 18, and has a genuine passion for helping people achieve their dream of home ownership.

Beyond broking, Craig loves spending time with his young family and enjoys a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Talk to Craig about your finance goals today.


Craig's Blog

Why Property Really is a Good Investment
Why Property Really is a Good Investment
25 Sep 2014

Real estate makes more billionaires than any other asset class. But what makes it such a worthwhile investment?

The answer, according to Rocket Property Group Founder Ian Hosking Richards, is leverage. Mr Richards explained what leverage is all about.

Do You Need Pre-Approval for a Home Loan?
Do You Need Pre-Approval for a Home Loan?
08 Mar 2019

It’s hard to know sometimes what is the best option when looking at home loans as there are all sorts of options and a whole heap of language used you’ve never heard of.

Pre-approval for a home loan can be a point of difference when it’s time to actually purchase your dream home.

Is the new PM good for our economy?
Is the new PM good for our economy?
31 Aug 2018

As Australia welcomes its 6th Prime Minister in nearly as many years (okay, 8 years) it’s hard to ignore the flow of jokes. 

‘Check your oil every time we get a new PM.’