Colin Bell

Colin Bell

Colin has a genuine interest in helping people navigate the finance industry.

To him, this means communicating clearly about the loan options available to you, and making sure the products he recommends match your specific needs.

Colin does this by researching and tailoring a loan, based on your unique goals, budget and circumstances.

As a result, you have peace of mind that the loan Colin recommends is the right one for you.

When Colin isn’t helping people secure a loan for their property or finance needs, you’ll find him flying a plane on his recreational license, sailing or exploring new places with his family.

He also loves to buy, renovate and then sell properties in Australia and overseas.

Talk to Colin about your next loan.

"Thanks for taking care of everything and helping us save extra cash for the reno’s."

Ling and Jayden - Scarborough

"The contract went amazingly well, thanks for getting the finance to fund the new equipment we needed."

Tim - Osborne Park

"We are so excited about moving into our first place! Can’t believe how easy it all was."

Janelle - Queens Park

"You guys seriously were our fairy godmother! The kids love the new house, and so do we."

Bec and Alex - Sorrento

Colin's Blog

Junk insurance – the Royal Commission digs deeper
Junk insurance – the Royal Commission digs deeper
03 Apr 2018

140,000 Commonwealth Bank customers have been refunded ahead of the royal commission, which has pulled focus on the CBA’s ‘junk insurance’.

The refund in question is for ‘add-on’ insurances, which an internal review found were not suitable, as many holders were ineligible to even claim, if they sought to. 

Two-thirds of home loan owners ‘at risk’
Two-thirds of home loan owners ‘at risk’
23 Sep 2016

Roy Morgan Research released a report this week about the risk dual income mortgagees’ face, when it comes to paying off their home loan.

The ‘State of the Nation- Spotlight on Finance Risk’ report stated that households, who rely heavily on two incomes to repay a home loan, are at potential risk of ‘mortgage-stress’.

Do I have a chance of getting a home loan?
Do I have a chance of getting a home loan?
27 Feb 2015

A common thread making the rounds on online forums at the moment is, ‘do I have a chance of getting a home loan?’

As you’d expect, the people asking this question tend to be self-employed, sole income earners or have just started a new job and have only a short history of paychecks.