Colin Bell

Colin Bell

Colin has a genuine interest in helping people navigate the finance industry.

To him, this means communicating clearly about the loan options available to you, and making sure the products he recommends match your specific needs.

Colin does this by researching and tailoring a loan, based on your unique goals, budget and circumstances.

As a result, you have peace of mind that the loan Colin recommends is the right one for you.

When Colin isn’t helping people secure a loan for their property or finance needs, you’ll find him flying a plane on his recreational license, sailing or exploring new places with his family.

He also loves to buy, renovate and then sell properties in Australia and overseas.

Talk to Colin about your next loan.

"Thanks for taking care of everything and helping us save extra cash for the reno’s."

Ling and Jayden - Scarborough

"Love my little apartment and so relieved I had you looking after my first (ever) home loan."

Theresa - Como

"Getting a loan with great terms, to take my business to the next level of growth, was way easier than I expected."

Graham - Victoria Park

"We are so excited about moving into our first place! Can’t believe how easy it all was."

Janelle - Queens Park

Colin's Blog

Should I apply for a loan online?
Should I apply for a loan online?
14 Aug 2015

Online loans are becoming increasingly common, which makes it a good time to discuss the potential risks of securing a loan online.

More often than not, online loans are attractive to people who want funds fast. As a result, these loans tend to attract high interest rates, which can end up costing you more than a loan secured via a broker, or even directly through a lender.

Rise in Home Loan Refinancing
Rise in Home Loan Refinancing
26 Feb 2016

New data indicates Australians are saving more on their home loans by refinancing and securing a more affordable home loan solution.

Here are the facts:

Pros and cons of helping kids buy property 
Pros and cons of helping kids buy property 
11 Sep 2015

It’s no secret that the cost of housing in Australia has been on the up and up. Which is perhaps why more Australians are taking alternative routes into the property market.

For one thing, it’s become more common for parents to help their children get a foot in the door. This may include: