Will rates save WA property?

Will rates save WA property?

Will there be insulation around the Australian property market prices? With some of the lowest interest rates we have seen in recent times, and the government’s mortgage repayment relief measures, together these could potentially create a property bubble. All the while, we teeter around the edge of potential price drops.  

CoreLogic has released its latest Hedonic Home Value Index which outlined a 0.7% rise in national home values in March, with Perth recording a 0.5% increase. This national trend improvement seen since 2019 seems to be continuing.  

While the pandemic is very much still live and present in our market, there is the potential for the effects to be far less significant in Western Australia. The containment of the virus and the public response has led to higher consumer positivity in the WA market compared to other states. The west coast of Australia is shaping up to potentially be a property ‘safe haven’ against the rest of the world feeling the effects of COVID-19.  

Our team is still experiencing clients wanting to take up the opportunities they are seeing. We are still helping clients find their dream home and make the property move that has defined the ‘great Australian dream’. We are seeing prices hold at reasonable levels, meaning that the stock availability hasn’t fluctuated too drastically, as yet. For those who are looking to take advantage of the current market with access to finance and property, we are there to help.  

This may be the time for you to enter that very important journey into property. 

Banks are have equally made accessing finance easier but made timelines ever so slightly harder to meet. As always, we recommend speaking with a professional broker to help you cross the line to home ownership. As a group, we work to deliver you the most suitable products and loans to get you the keys to your new home.  

With opportunities floating in reach in our great state, now could very well be an exceptional time to secure your future. Make your move and speak with a Capita broker today. 

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