New data show first home buyers on the rise

New data show first home buyers on the rise

New data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows loans to owner occupiers are on the up and up.

The housing market has been a tough place for first home buyers for a long time, so this is great news for younger borrowers.

Here’s what else you should know. 

What are borrowers doing?

Every month Australian banks send their loan statistics to the ABS, who collates the figures and publishes them.

This data picks up trends in the financial market, and helps us get a good indication of what borrowers and lenders are actually doing in Australia.

This month’s data clearly shows owner occupier loans are on a steep incline, while investor lending is on the retreat.

Why does this matter?

First home buyers were considered to be ‘locked out’ of the property market for a long period of time, with market share dropping to under 13%.

As the property market in Australia gets stronger, we’re seeing owner occupier market share increase significantly.

As of this month, owner occupiers are up 16.6% - the highest in 4 years. While it’s still not in line with the 22% average of the nineties, it’s still good news. (Head here for the source on these figures.) 

What this does show is that younger borrowers are finally get their foot back into the property market.

What has caused this change?

Housing prices are a significant factor, especially in Perth where the mining and resources boom has ended.*

We’ve also seen prices finally ease in Sydney, after a long period of pressure.*

Regulators have also played an important role in the shift, imposing regulations to tighten investor lending and increase interest rates for investors.

We’re finally seeing this prudential regulation pay off.

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* Head here for the source.


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