How to score a mortgage like a FIFA World Cup champion

How to score a mortgage like a FIFA World Cup champion

All around the world soccer fanatics are gearing up for the FIFA World Cup Final on Monday. Of course, even if you’re not a fan, you’ve probably noticed something’s up.

Maybe you heard that upon beating Sweden in the quarterfinals, English soccer fans stormed an Ikea in the UK.Yep, they trashed a whole lot of affordable home wares and furniture to celebrate the end of a 10-year cold streak.

Okay, apparently destruction was minimal, with most of the celebration limited to chanting and drinking beer. But still, nesting couples and families’ in-store would have had quite the shock.

As well as the third place play-off on Saturday, we still have the big one to go, which made us think – what do the world’s best soccer teams have in common with successful investors? 

Here’s what we came up with.

1. Great aim

England has striker Harry Kane, you have the ability to hone in on what kind of investment is most likely to achieve your goals. 

We’ll get to how you do this later, but right now, all you need to know is that having a clear goal is vital to investment success. 

If you’re starting out, maybe your goal is to get your foot in the door, then sell-up and invest in a forever home later. 

Maybe you want an asset to rent out and negatively gear. Perhaps, you’re interested in securing an apartment in a spot where you can live and breathe city life.

Whatever you want, start jotting ideas down now. You don’t need absolute answers, but start exploring possibilities! You’ll need these later.

2. Your team

No player wins a World Cup solo, and no investor can make smart choices without the support of a great team behind them.

Team players should include:

  • A mortgage broker –to help you work out your budget and secure a loan that matches your goals.  
  • A settlement agent or lawyer –who will handle the legal paperwork associated with buying and selling a property.
  • A financial advisor –who can offer strategies for investment, which take in the big picture of your financial situation, and your ultimate goals.

A good mortgage broker is particularly important, as he or she will research and tailor a loan to suit your circumstances.

They listen to what it is you want to achieve, and then trawl through hundreds of loans to find one that matches you.

As a result, you get a loan that not only saves you more, but also aligns with your goals and circumstances.

They will also look at niche lenders, who can sometimes offer more attractive terms and rates than the big banks.

3. Selection

Finding World Cup worthy talent for your team is so important. Start with good old-fashioned word of mouth – via your social media networks and speaking with friends.

Once you have some names, check them out online. See what people have to say on review sites like Facebook or Google+.

If they pass the test, give them a call. If you don’t feel you resonate with the professional on the phone, get in touch with the next person.

It’s important youfeel a rapport with your team, so take time to select them. Don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t feel comfortable with someone. 

Many brokers will visit you at work or at home, but if you’re checking out a whole lot, sometimes calling is more efficient. 

If you have no idea where to start, but have say, a great financial advisor, ask them for recommendations for a mortgage broker or settlements agent. 

Referrals really are a great way to find amazing people in any space, and this goes for property too.

4. Game play

Now you have selected your crack team of players, it’s time to develop a strategy. But, before your team can help you, they need the full low down.

So, tell your team what you want to achieve, and what you’re not sure about. They specialise in different areas, so can fill in the gaps and strengthen your approach.

A good financial advisor will let you know what steps to take in order to secure financial freedom in a way that serves you.

A good mortgage broker will make sure you are in the position to purchase a property, before you do so, and they’ll find a loan that fits you just right.

Each will help you create a dynamic and united strategy that serves your overall goals, whatever they may be!

5. Celebrate

Okay, we don’t recommend raiding an Ikea store, but it isimportant to celebrate the wins you achieve in life.

Even if you’re not quite ready to invest, simply having awareness as to where you’re at, and a plan for the future makes you a real success.

So, if you’ve chosen your team, if you’ve made the move to invest or if you’ve improved awareness around your financial situation, take time out to celebrate.

Share a toast, eat some cake or dance around your new living room! Celebrating is an important part of life, even for non-sport related wins!

If you’re looking for a broker to be a part of your team, give us a call today.  


Financial Advice Disclaimer: This information is general in nature. Mortgage brokers do not provide financial advice. Clients seeking financial advice will be referred to a qualified financial planner.