How to lower your mortgage costs

How to lower your mortgage costs

RBA governor Philip Lowe has warned Australians that interest rates are likely to increase, while home values may fall.

On the back of this announcement, 3 Big Four banks have hiked variable interest rates.

With this in mind, we’re honing in on a simple way to lower your mortgage costs.

Review your loan every year

Andrew Russell, the head of home loans at, said borrowers need to adapt to reduce mortgage costs quickly.

“The banks are very competitive at the moment so you might find it cheaper if you refinance to a cheaper loan,” he said.

Gateway CEO Paul Thomas said people should aim to review their mortgage every 12 months.

A home loan review is a relatively simple process, especially if you find a good mortgage broker with a portfolio of home loan products.

How a home loan review works

  • Contact your mortgage broker and book in an appointment for a home loan review. Your consultation should take around an hour.
  • A good broker will review your existing loan, and then look to see whether a more suitable loan product is available.
  • To do this, they will compare hundreds of different home loan products, and then pinpoint one that matches your circumstances and goals.
  • The new loan should align with your objectives and save you more than your previous loan.
  • If a more suitable loan exists, and you agree to the new loan product, your mortgage broker will organise the refinancing process.
  • When the paperwork is finalised, you will start repaying the new loan at the cheaper rate.

How much will I save?

It’s impossible to put an accurate figure on the amount you will save by reviewing your home loan annually. expert Bessie Hassan said many borrowers are becoming more proactive ‘about getting ahead on their home loans’.

While the Real Estate Editor of, Michelle Hele said substantial savings could be made.

“Negotiating a cheaper interest rate with an existing lender or refinancing to a new lender could also save substantial money,” she said.

Given the relatively easy process of undergoing a home loan review, these savings are low hanging fruit for borrowers who want to save more on their finance.

Ready for a home loan review?

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Financial Advice Disclaimer: This information is general in nature. Mortgage brokers do not provide financial advice. Clients seeking financial advice will be referred to a qualified financial planner.