Capita talks to Elite Broker Podcast

Capita talks to Elite Broker Podcast

Capita broker Adam Donald joined Editor of The Adviser, Annie Kane and Managing Editor of Mortgages, James Mitchell on an episode of Elite Broker, a podcast powered by The Adviser.

Adam was recently named WA’s best residential broker by The Adviser, and is a national finalist in the The Adviser Broking Awards for 2018 (in the Customer Service Award category).

He spoke to the crew from Elite Broker about what powers his success.

Having the right team

Adam discussed the importance of having the right people around him, especially positive individuals who empower him to improve his service and outcomes for clients.

Annie pointed out that Adam’s mum, Debra Donald, accepted his WA Adviser award on his behalf. Adam was quick to praise Debra, who also won a WA award for her supporting role in Adam’s Capita franchise.

“She is probably the biggest part of my business to be honest,” he said. 

“I’m lucky to work with a family member who has the same drive and determination as I do.”

Adam also praised the coaching he receives from Capita, as well the relationships he has built with real estate agents, which he leverages using Capita’s unique business model. 

Understanding first

Elite Broker asked Adam how he has managed to achieve such impressive figures during his time as a mortgage broker.

“I didn’t write big numbers at the start, it’s taken time,” he said.

“For me it’s really just repetition, it’s part of who you are and its just making sure you’re looking at good customer outcomes and making sure that everyone’s on the same page and communicated to well.” 

Before starting his broking career, Adam spent 9 months observing how seasoned broking professionals conducted themselves. 

“Everyone’s got their own niche in how they present finance to their clients, and how they sell, and if you can watch and be a sponge and learn as much as you can, you’ll be a better broker,” he said. 

Adam went on to explain that making life easier for his clients is his ultimate goal, so they can focus on the house, the car, their next life adventure, or whatever it is they need a loan for.

“Your clients just need to know you’re going to get things done,” he said. 

“People think we go look at some loans and do this, but I just focus on ease for my clients”.

Congratulations to Adam for being named as a national finalist in the The Adviser Broking Awards.

Talk to a Capita broker

If you need a loan that saves you more, and matches your goals, contact a Capita broker near you. We research and tailor a loan product based on your circumstances and your unique objectives. 

And like Adam, we make the process as easy as possible, so you can stay focused on your new home, car or next life adventure!

To hear the full podcast, including Adam’s insights for Sydney and Melbourne brokers, click here.