5 easy Christmas savings tips

5 easy Christmas savings tips

Okay, we know the holiday season is a wonderful time. But it can also be stressful when you’re paying off a mortgage. That’s why we’ve put together 5 easy tips for getting through Christmas, while also paying off a home loan.

Here’s what made our top 5.

1. Secret Santa

If you have time, convince your family and friends to have a Secret Santa. This means everyone chooses one person out of a hat (or use a random name generator online), and then only buys for one person. 

If you need help convincing folk, here are some talking points.

  • Rather than buying small gifts for every person, one person gets one really good gift.
  • This is because everyone pays a bit more, and has time to think about a gift that person will love.
  • For example, instead of spending $10 to $20 on 10 different people, you spend $50 on one person.
  • You save and the recipient is happier. 

Other benefits? You spend less time shopping. It’s a win, win. 

2. Lists are your friend

Walking around Kmart, or anywhere during Christmas time is a budgeting disaster waiting to happen. Walk in focused with a list, and don’t deviate from it. 

This tip may sound obvious, but it’s honestly the best way not to blow your budget over the Christmas period.

Sit down when you’re calm and relaxed, grab a biro and jot down what you’re shopping for.

This relates to food shopping, gift shopping, and any other kind of shopping during the Christmas period.

It’s so easy to be distracted by sales, and items you think you need in your life, which you really don’t. A list is your greatest weapon.

3. Get crafty

Yep, people don’t actually care if you buy them a sparkly professionally printed card. If you have time, make some, and you’ll save a whole bunch of money.

 This goes for other things too. Here are some gift ideas that are cheap and awesome:

  • Buy affordable pot plants (Bunnings has heaps), cheap terracotta pots and white spray paint. Spray the pots, then pot the plants. They look gorgeous, and cost around $9 a gift.
  • Give an experience. Like mini-golf or some kind of adventure, to people in your life. These don’t cost much, but you’ll need to carve some time out in the future. 
  • Buy in bulk. Okay, this isn’t glamorous, but there are great deals on cases of wine, boxes of chocolate and other gifts, which can be doled out to the people lucky enough to be on your list this year.

4. Free adventures are the best kind

There are plenty of awesome adventures for kids (and grown-ups!), if you know where to look.

The beach is always a winner. Head down with an umbrella and slap on some sunscreen. Morning are usually best, since the wind is more likely to be low.

Get on a Christmas lights trail and take in some of the most epic decorations in your suburb (or the one next to you).

Check out what’s going on in your City. The City of Perth has a Christmas Light Trail happening from 16 November to 24 December. It’s free and awesome.

Download the map here.

5. Stay home

It may sound boring, but a barbeque with mates is a great way to celebrate, and it won’t break your budget.

Get everyone to bring a plate and make the event BYO, then restrain yourself from doing too much. 

Seriously. People don’t care if your house is a bit of a mess, or if you don’t have top-notch craft beer on offer.

Create a space where people can gather, then rake in the left overs when they’re gone. 

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In the meantime, if you’d like more Christmas Savings Tips, check out this ASIC article – 12 money tips for Christmas.


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