Zak Janceski

Zak Janceski

As a business broking specialist, Zak can help you find finance for a commercial property, or any item related to running a business venture. His core areas of expertise are:

  • Commercial and business finance loans.
  • Property development loans.
  • Property investment loans.
  • Equipment and vehicle finance loans.
  • Residential property finance loans.

Zak looks at many different loans, and then pinpoints a competitive product that matches your business objectives – whether you’re starting a new business, growing an existing one, paying off debt, managing wages or buying equipment for a new commercial project.

He believes finding a commercial loan should be a stress-free experience, so you can stay focused on running your business. Zak holds a Commerce Degree from Curtin University and a Diploma in Marketing Management.

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"Appreciate your efforts helping me secure a home loan minus all the stress."

Varun - Bayswater

"Even though the bank knocked us back, you found us a mortgage we could afford. Relieved we found you."

Ashley and Harrison - Midland

"Love my little apartment and so relieved I had you looking after my first (ever) home loan."

Theresa - Como

"Thanks for taking care of everything and helping us save extra cash for the reno’s."

Ling and Jayden - Scarborough

Zak's Blog

Do I need a deposit to buy a home?
Do I need a deposit to buy a home?
15 Sep 2017

A new study by economists from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has found that a deposit is a key factor when it comes to home ownership success, especially for first homebuyers.

We’ve taken time to explain the main takeaways from the report, and provide insights into how you can improve your chances of becoming a homeowner.

Tips for securing an investment property in Australia
Tips for securing an investment property in Australia
30 Jun 2017

You may have noticed crackdowns on investor lending thanks to APRA tightening regulations in the sector. This includes limiting investor lending to 10% per annum, and ensuring new interest-only loans hit only 30%.

These restrictions are designed to pare back lending in the investor market, but it doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for property investors. Here’s why.

What’s going on with rate hikes right now?
What’s going on with rate hikes right now?
12 Nov 2015

It’s not just the big banks hiking up home loan rates in Australia right now. We’re now seeing a number of non-major lenders following suit.

But what does this mean for borrowers in Australia?