Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Paul compares hundreds of different loans, and then pinpoints a product that is right for you.

How? By making sure he understands your finance goals and circumstances, then researching and tailoring a solution that matches them.

“The best part of my job is helping my clients find the right loan, and helping them achieve their goals – whether it’s their first home or their dream home,” Paul told us.

Paul also considers the finer points of your loan, like hidden fees and costs, just to make sure you’re saving as much as possible.

As a result, you can rest assured that the loan you end up with is custom fit to you. (And we think that kind of peace of mind is the best.)

When Paul isn’t broking, he loves playing golf, watching AFL and hitting up the amazing beaches all around Perth.

Talk to Paul about your finance now.

"Getting a loan with great terms, to take my business to the next level of growth, was way easier than I expected."

Graham - Victoria Park

"I’ll be using you for my next investment property"

Sarah - Perth CBD

"You guys seriously were our fairy godmother! The kids love the new house, and so do we."

Bec and Alex - Sorrento

"Thanks for taking care of everything and helping us save extra cash for the reno’s."

Ling and Jayden - Scarborough

Paul's Blog

How does Capital Gains Tax work?
How does Capital Gains Tax work?
31 Oct 2015

Capital Gains Tax is one of the more confusing kinds of tax, especially if you’re not 100% savvy with how property taxes work.

If this is the case, this blog is for you.

Innovative ways to save money on my home loan
Innovative ways to save money on my home loan
03 Jun 2016

If you’re saving for a deposit, or simply want to save money to meet your mortgage repayments, it pays to think outside the box.

Here are our top 3 tips for saving money, so you can pay off your mortgage or get that deposit sooner.

What you must never do when securing a personal loan
What you must never do when securing a personal loan
29 Sep 2017

You’ve probably noticed ads on television for online personal loans. If you dig a bit deeper you’ll find these loans tend to carry high interest rates, which can make them more expensive over the long term. 

These ‘payday’ loans are usually up to $2,000 and must be paid back within 16 days to 12 months. ASIC has a good article warning consumers about payday loans here.