Daniel Eigenmann

Daniel Eigenmann

Daniel is about crafting tailored finance solutions, which are highly competitive and match your individual goals. He doesn’t care how much time or legwork is required on his part, so long as he makes the process effortless for his clients.

“I endeavor to make the whole process of finding, selecting and applying for a loan as smooth and hassle-free as possible,” he said.

“This often means sifting through hundreds of home loan products to find one that meets my client’s needs.”

Before starting a family in Australia, Daniel worked around the world in places such as Europe, the US and Asia. He majored in Finance at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland and speaks French, English and German.

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Thanks Daniel for your help in transferring my loan. Everything went very smoothly and you were very responsive to all of my questions. Having the meetings at my workplace also made the switch much less stressful.

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Daniel's Blog

How to borrow more on my mortgage
How to borrow more on my mortgage
29 Apr 2016

There are plenty of resources available, which explain how to secure a competitive home loan. But what if you already have a mortgage, and simply want to increase your limit further?

This blog explains how to go about topping up your mortgage, and the benefits of doing so.

How your home loan can benefit from Aussie Dollar high
How your home loan can benefit from Aussie Dollar high
21 Jul 2017

The Australian dollar is currently trading at a two-year high against the US dollar. This, on top of record low interest rates makes it an excellent time to pay off more on your home loan.

Here’s what you need to know.

What first homebuyers must know about getting a home loan
What first homebuyers must know about getting a home loan
14 Nov 2014

Thinking about getting a home loan for the first time? You probably want to know what incentives are out there.

In Western Australia, first homebuyers receive up to $10,000 when building or buying a new home valued up to $750,000 (in most areas).Those who purchase established homes receive $3,000.Before September 2013, first homebuyers received $7,000 across the board.So why the change? Getting a loan to build is encouraged New first homebuyer grants are meant to improve WA’s economy.How? By boosting the residential construction sector.The state government introduced the grants during WA’s economic downturn.At this time, housing demand had lowered in response to slow population growth.Residential vacancy rates were more than 4% - among the highest in Australia.As a result, property prices in WA stagnated. The rest of Australia Not all states followed in WA’s economic footsteps.In Sydney and Melbourne, demand for property still exceeded supply during the 2013 WA downturn.Unlike WA, prices in these 2 states did not stagnate.Today, properties in Sydney are selling faster than any other state.Homes spend an average of 27 days on the market.Units spend an average of 26 days on the market.This contrasts with the past 10 years, when Sydney lagged behind the rest of the country in terms of average price growth. What does this mean for first homebuyers? Building or purchasing a new home enables you to take advantage of more incentives.This is true for all states and territories in Australia. For a complete rundown on first homebuyer grants, head here.In the past, only about a quarter of first homebuyers purchased or built a new home.First homebuyers in WA are now choosing to do just that.The state government’s new incentives have a lot to do with this trend. Capita Finance Solutions assists first homebuyers across Australia with getting a home loan. Speak with a mortgage broker in your area to get started.