Drew Carruthers

Drew Carruthers

Drew used to work for one of the ‘big banks’, defending their profits and selling loan products to the clients he was paid to manage. The job frustrated him, as he knew more affordable loan products were available that he simply couldn’t offer.

After exactly 12 years and 12 days, he decided to do something about this. So he quit and became a mortgage broker.

“I wanted to show borrowers how to structure their loans better, and help people keep savings in their pocket, rather than in the banks,” he said.

Now he has access to hundreds of loan products from a high volume of trusted lenders. 

Drew specialises in residential home loans – from experienced property investors to first homebuyers, as well as commercial and vehicle loans.

“I ask questions to understand your property dreams and aspirations,” he said.

“Then I use this information to help you own your home or investment property sooner.”

Talk to Drew about saving more on your next loan.

Australian Credit License Number 388755

Drew treats us like royalty, makes us feel special!


Drew gets the job done


Drew is one of the easiest people to understand and he understands us completely. Drew has helped me with two housing loans and they were very easy thanks to Drew’s hard work. I will use him in the future and I recommend him to everybody I know


Drew is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Advice provided was easy to understand and he made the loan application process very streamlined and efficient.


Drew's Blog

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What if I have low borrowing power?
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Rise in Home Loan Refinancing
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