Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox

Andrew finds you the perfect home loan, so you can get on with finding your perfect home. This means looking through hundreds of different loans to find one that matches your specific goals and budget.

“When one of my clients gets formal approval, and I know I had a big part in making this happen, that’s what satisfies me,” he said.

“I get a lot of joy out of assisting people with getting the finance they need, so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work.”

Andrew has a background in construction, engineering and finance. He also holds a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and an FBAA membership.

Outside of finance, Andrew plays professional ice hockey. He moved to Western Australia from New Zealand many years ago, and loves every minute of living here.

Andrew can help you secure a competitive home or investment loan. Contact him for a free consultation at your home or office, at a time that suits you.

"The contract went amazingly well, thanks for getting the finance to fund the new equipment we needed."

Tim - Osborne Park

"Getting the business off the ground couldn’t have happened without you."

Rob - Kalamunda

"It was such a relief having someone take the reins and look after everything."

Trevor - East Fremantle

"Appreciate your efforts helping me secure a home loan minus all the stress."

Varun - Bayswater

Andrew's Blog

Is a Broker Good Value?
Is a Broker Good Value?
26 Aug 2014

We are more than a little bias about this topic, which is especially close to our hearts! So we’ll let you make the decision for yourself. (Because broking is all about choice!)

Loans Just For You Our brokers don’t make more, depending on the loan you choose.On the flip side, banks often offer staff incentives to spruik specific loans, which may not necessarily suit you. Freedom Our brokers are not aligned with a bank or lending institution.So they’re purely looking at what loan works most effectively for your unique circumstances. More Loan Options A broker looks at loan options from the big banks, and many other lending institutions too.This means you are more likely to discover a loan that works for you.In many cases, a lesser known lender can provide more effective terms than more commonly known lenders. The Big Picture Mortgage brokers don’t just look at what you need right now.If they’re good, they take the time to understand your financial ambitions too.That way the loan you secure is just a step forward along your financial journey. Discover how we can support you. Talk to one of our brokers.

Pros and cons of helping kids buy property 
Pros and cons of helping kids buy property 
11 Sep 2015

It’s no secret that the cost of housing in Australia has been on the up and up. Which is perhaps why more Australians are taking alternative routes into the property market.

For one thing, it’s become more common for parents to help their children get a foot in the door. This may include:

What kind of business loan do I need?
What kind of business loan do I need?
14 Apr 2016

Many people don’t realise that a commercial broker can help you find a competitive business loan. They do this by looking through hundreds of different business loans and finding one that suits your business needs, and your budget.

But where do you start? And how do you know which loan is the right one for you?